What is Grrrowd?

Grrrowd is the new crowdfunding movement supporting legal “David versus Goliath” actions to defend social, environmental and economic rights worldwide. Justice powered by the crowd.

Grrrowd Proclamation

In this day and age nobody should be powerless. Yet we still see injustices occurring all around us on a large scale, in our own countries and also on an international scale.

As an individual person, these injustices may sadden you or even make you angry. Sometimes you may feel outrage. With that anger and outrage also comes a frustrating feeling of desperation: What can you do as an individual? Who can you hold accountable? How can you take a stand against the established powers: the governments, the huge corporations and the big political clout? How can you possibly make a difference? This is how: you grrrowd them.

At www.grrrowd.org you can support legal action for social, environmental and economic justice. And hold those who are responsible accountable!

Justice powered by the crowd!

Do you want to learn more about the people and organizations that enable the Grrrowd movement? Please visit Who we are and the Our partners.

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